On the edges of the Mall are the rest of Washington DC’s most iconic places. Famous coastal destinations like Acadia National Park, and the Connecticut Coastline are certainly worth visiting. It’s a small city that hosts some of the most well-preserved Southern architecture in the region. Don’t miss famous Pikes Place in Seattle and it’s quaint islands like Bainbridge, accessed via ferry. East is Capitol Hill where most of the United States’ politics are done. Another must is driving through the granite tunnels, pigtail bridges, and needles formations of the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway, which is among America’s 10 Most Scenic Byways. Southern cooking becomes the dominant trend and BBQ and fried foods are heavily featured. The route is strewn with iconic attractions and activities like the Budweiser Brewery tour (St Louis) and a range of visitor centres focusing on Slavery, Civil War battlefields, ancient Indian Burial Mounds and of course the Blues Music Trail. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Finally, Southern Florida has some of the best Caribbean and Latin food that you’ll eat in the USA. Though hostels in the USA can be a little weird (we know: we’ve stayed at several), most are perfectly normal if not explorary; just be sure to stay at the ones that we suggest. The only hostel in the near vicinity. However, Route 66 looks pretty awesome too. Explore the adorably tiny town of Stanley (and be sure to stop at the famous bakery!). Have a look at our safety tips for Miami before you head down south. (And make sure to check out my essential road trip packing list (with free printable pdf) and road trip music playlist to make sure you have all your road trip … North Carolina has beaches, interesting cities, awesome mountains, and, of course, plenty of southern charm. Why not just continue all the way into the Great White North for some good Canadian fun, eh?! Best time to go: The best time to go is from May to October, with peak season during June, July and August. Spread across the entire Eastern seaboard is an endless variety of campgrounds set amongst dozens of landscapes. The Midwest hosts a number of cool cities, like Chicago and Minneapolis. I haven’t been to a national park yet so even the one from Vegas to Salt Lake City for the Utah National Park would be a great experience. Though Savannah lacks some of the singularly amazing landmarks that Charleston has, it still has that classy Antebellum style that we love about the South. Antelope Canyon On a terminé la journée par un pique-nique sur une plage au bord du Lake Powell, coucher de soleil, air devenu plus respirable et enfants qui jouent au baseball sur le sable avec leur tout nouvel équipement (et ouais on a … The Carolinas are particularly famous for their version of BBQ though the Georgian variety is no slouch either. The first place most people think of in Florida is Miami. Utah really appeals to me, would love to do a road trip here. Ahh, yes, Miami to Key West… It has some boring parts, but there’s more than a few things to see along the way. It is the very symbol of the USA and probably its most well-known city. A short side trip will have you face to face with gators in Lafayette or continue to the lively French Quarter in New Orleans. Thanks for sharing. My sister lives out in Portland and my husband and I have been wanting to go out there at some point and do a road trip. All you need to buy weed is an ID proving that you’re over 21 and cash. The Great American Road Trip is a national rite of passage, says Jamie Jensen, author of Road Trip USA (Avalon, $29.99), a comprehensive guide in its sixth edition. There are plenty of ways to reduce plastic!!! summer and early fall will give you the best chance of trails and roads being open for adventuring. If you like good seafood and great beer, you’re going to love Maine. "; Hopefully, this post has inspired you to take an American road trip. Got sand in every crack and corner of your body after laying on the beach too long? Newark has an excellent selection of museums and art galleries. The Everglades are one of the most important wetlands in the nation and are an impressive natural wonder. Lafayette has vibrant Cajun culture, born from the Acadiana who emigrated from French Canada centuries ago. We suggest booking a campervan with Outdoorsy as they usually have a good selection and good prices. Starting in San Diego, and heading north to Seattle will take you to some awesome places. Best time to go: Fall for fabulous fall colors and reasonable temperatures in Death Valley NP Watch the sunrise in Acadia National Park before anyone else in the US. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Summers are mostly mild but heat waves are still common. The road trip from Sioux Falls to Rapid City along the I-90 takes just 5 hours without stops but there are so many things to see and do along this route that even 4 to 5 days will fly by. Pizza and, for that matter, Italian food is fairly common in the Atlantic states. Aside from this, it’s also where the American Dream – to rise from the dregs, make money, and be successful – thrives, as East Coast people work hard and play even harder. Best of Idaho Road Trip Visit some of the country’s best museums like the Smithsonian. A ballpark estimate for an East Coast road trip budget would be around $175-$225. The highlights of this road trip are Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore National Memorial. As we drive further south the food begins to change. – Contributed by Jessica from Uprooted Traveler. From here, head to Tallahassee, the capital of Florida and explore the Spanish history the state was founded on. From Miami to Key West, you have to take the Overseas Highway or US 1 which connects all the islands of the Keys. The scenery is spectacular. Road trip dans l'est Américain - forum États-Unis - Besoin d'infos sur États-Unis ? Be sure to brush up on local laws and don’t bring marijuana across state borders (especially into illegal states). If you’re using hotels in more expensive states, than you’ll still end up paying $80/night minimum. For the sake of transparency, some of the links in our content are affiliate links. Both the states of South Carolina and Georgia are much bigger than Charleston and Savannah. Below is a list of East Coast road trip ideas for saving money. I saved this to Pinterest to use as a reference later. Even if we are unable to travel on $10/day like in our favorite countries, we can at least help you minimize expenses. I love how informative this post is – so unique in showcasing fun roadtrips across the states. Bryce Canyon National Park is next. We love it in the early autumn when it is still warm enough to swim in the natural pools at Jacob’s Well and other popular swimming holes, but not so brutally hot that you think you’re going to melt. Thanks for your support. Read more about taking a Washington State National Park road trip here. You can get a beer for as low as $1 in some bars. Charlotte is the largest city in the state and is becoming increasingly hip each and everyday. Learn about the black men who defied the prejudice that they could not learn to be fighter pilots. Visiting both of these cities will definitely be a highlight on your East Coast USA road trip. Further east another hour is Gulf Shores, where you can relax for days on some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the country. There’s lots of forests and great lookout spots all the way up into Washington just before the end of the coast in Seattle. Excellent hostel located in the middle of Downtown Burlington. Below is a brief explanation of each. Tip: Blowing Rock, North Carolina is located directly on the Blue Ridge Parkway and is worth more than a passing glance. Want to road trip the US? The southern US Gulf Coast from Louisiana east to central and south Florida has some of the most scenic landscapes in the country, not to mention great history, local culture, and a whole lot of fresh seafood! The North Carolina Coast is awesome, filled with white sandy beaches and some of the best destinations for an East Coast road trip. Those on a road trip on the Northeast Coast of the USA will find a treasure trove of historical sites, not to mention amazing coastal scenery, hearty food, and memorable locals too. – Contributed by Wendy by WorldWideWendy. We work hard to put out the best backpacker resources on the web, for free! The best way to experience these cities is just to visit them and compare the two yourself. Feeling a little gross after hanging out in the Great Smoky Mountains? If you think this is a vastly underwhelming number, then we agree. If you want to explore the island, book a ride on the Conch Tour Train. In order to better understand the Sunshine state, we highly recommend you read it. The final destination is Key West, a cosy town filled with bright coloured wooden houses. Campfires also may be outright banned as well if the fire season has been particularly bad that year, in which case you’ll definitely need your own stove. We recommend staying in Cape Cod for a few days if you get the chance. Many of the activities on this itinerary are great for history buffs and learning about the East Coast’s culture. Today, the French influence is felt in the music and dance, and peppered in just about every kind of local food. At the same time, New Yorkers, reaping the benefits of the economy, like to celebrate after a paycheck, often. When compared to epic road trips like Route 66 or the Pacific Coast Highway, Beartooth Highway is a hop, skip, and a jump. The last stop is Zion. If you are looking for road trip inspiration and ideas for your next great American road trip, I have put together a list of the best road trips in the USA as suggested by my fellow travel bloggers. Summers generally have the most reliable weather though you might get dumped on in Florida. Headtorch: I would never travel without a headtorch. New Yorkers like to say that if they can make it in this city, then they can make it anywhere because where else could they feel so alive? Our favourite travel backpack is the Osprey Aether (comes in 55 – 85 litre sizes). Tip: Drive along the Badlands Loop Road to see the beautiful eroded landscape and hike the Presidential Trail to see the sculptures from up close at Mount Rushmore. Stylish hostel conveniently located next to the metro and Chinatown. There’s the gourmet Blue Bell ice cream in Brehham, the best-in-the-world barbecue at Salt Lick, plus wonderful wines of the Texas Hill Country. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. However, don’t let its short mileage fool you. Those looking to sample new foods, new perspectives, new landscapes, and new monuments will enjoy the East Coast very much. Suggested Duration: 10 days Niagara Falls, the Hudson Valley, Catskills, and Adirondacks are all places that should be included on a road trip from New York. The interior of Virginia is mountainous and is home to a couple of beautiful national parks, like Shenandoah. For lovers of USA road trips, The Great River Road (GRR) makes an epic journey following the course of the mighty Mississippi River from bottom to top or vice versa. Beartooth Highway will take you right to the northeast entrance. Hiking in this park takes you in and around the hoodoos. Route 66 is on the top of my list along with the Washington State trip. 2. Route: Leggett, California to Dana Point, California on California State Route 1 The rest of Florida is defined mostly by endless stretches of beach, swamps, and Southern hospitality. Vous m’avez donné une tonne de tips, de bons plans, de sites, d’idées, c’était long à décortiquer ! I can’t quite believe I still haven’t made it to New York! Toiletry Bag: I always travel with a hanging toiletry bag as it’s a super efficient way to organise your bathroom stuff. Help save the planet, and pick up a water bottle here. – Contributed by Valerie Joy Wilson of Trusted Travel Girl. Best Time to Go: This trip is great in the Spring, Summer or Fall. Suggested Duration: At least a week depending on stops An hour east of New Orleans is lovely Mobile, Alabama which deserves a few days of eating amazing Alabama shrimp and oysters. amzn_assoc_linkid = "5484655226bba677aa226a1a4c39c3b4"; Some might argue that the East Coast offers one of the most authentic road trips in the USA because it is the most “American” part of the country. Cuban, Jamaican, Dominican, South American – all of these culinary styles are represented very well in Miami and the surrounding area. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy a book or sort your insurance, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read more about this Texas Road Trip here. If you’re on a budget East Coast road trip and need to cut costs, you’ll most likely have to settle for cheaper guesthouses and motels. Free breakfast. Route: New Orleans, Louisiana – Le Claire, Iowa It’s a very old and historically significant city that has been around since Colonial days. Most of the cities monuments are located in or near the Mall District – a 2-mile long park that runs through the center of the city. These, in addition to the many historical attractions, make both states worth seeing. Best time to go: Idaho is a fantastic destination year-round, but if you’d like to hike or camp along your road trip (highly recommended!) New England is often considered the cradle of American society because of its role in the early colonial days. Many people visit Virginia to see these parks and make road trips on the gorgeous Skyline Drive. But let’s briefly talk about what you’ll find on each part of the East Coast…. Route:  Starting in Brenham, Texas and ending in Fredericksburg, Texas. amzn_assoc_asins = "B0006MQJ0M,052801739X,B013EBQQUY,0762578270"; These are broad generalizations and, in reality, each state has much more complex weather patterns. This covers food, lodging, a rental car, gas, and entertainment. Look for the big lobster as you get close… and fill up before leaving the mainland. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Like squabbling children who want mommy to listen to them, these two cities have been in a fierce competition for generations. Each state has its own local delicacies. Few people realize that New Jersey has mountains! All look like a blast but Route 66 is near the top of my list. New York, New York. Learn how your comment data is processed. Much of DC’s satellite neighborhoods, where most natural-born residents are from, were socially neglected in the 90s. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Luckily you have us; we’re always looking for ways to travel cheap and love sharing the best tricks with you, the readers. Hike though alpine meadows in Mount Rainer National Park or through mossy trees in the Hoh Rainforest. Has a nook and book exchange area. Free breakfast. Avec tout ça, et comme je fais partie des gens qui ont besoin de visuels, de griffonner des dessins… Free breakfast and coffee. Occupies a building that dates back to the 1840s. Varying from 7 days to 21 days in length, they cover many of the East Coast’s top attractions. From the Colombia River Gorge to the vast farming plains of Washington State, past the beautiful Coeur d’Alene lake and on through the edges of the likes of Lolo National Forest, it’s a great road trip to take. We suggest that everyone go and check out our separate New York City travel guide  to understand the city better as well as our separate itinerary for 4 days in New York. The East Coast has some of the finest camping in the whole country. You can hike, enjoy boating or canoeing on the lakes, or visit some scenic wonders such as the tufas of Mono Lake or Bodie, the ghost town. Interestingly, the peninsula is culturally unique from the rest of the Atlantic states in that it identifies more with the South for both historical and geographic reasons. Pour vous retrouvez dans tout ce que l'Ouest américain a à offrir, voici le circuit ultime pour ne rien manquer. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Hostel located in beautiful, old building. amzn_assoc_title = "Road trip essentials! Taking a walk in Savannah is arguably one of the best things to do on an East Coast road trip. A great time to visit is summer for their brew-fest, as the city has some of the best micro-breweries in the US. Its skyline, which is one of the most recognizable in the world, is a representative of the city’s financial success. This is a great East Coast road trip if you only have 7 days, and you want to explore some of the USA’s best and most historic cities: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. With 7 days you can see each of these cities’ highlights and best cultural attractions, and camp one night in Shenandoah National Park. Much of their histories are defined by the vital Chesapeake Bay, which served as an extremely important waterway during colonial days. Follow our advice and you’ll find that your dollar goes much further. – Contributed by Katie Diederichs from Two Wandering Soles, Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe Road Trip It is a bewildering busy place with an insane amount of people, who bounce around the city like atoms in a nuclear reactor. We discovered the beautiful painted churches that were constructed by German and Czech immigrants that look like they were just lifted out of Europe and plopped down in the fields of Texas. But you can laugh in the face of their puny routes by answering with the Mother of all Road Trips – the Pan-American Highway (PAH). Most of the city’s greatest landmarks, including the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Museum, and the White House are located in this park. – Contributed by Dhara from It’s Not About the Miles. Zion National Park is the place to push your fears and take an epic hike up to Angels Landing. While on a road trip along the East Coast, you will constantly hear and see new things, so much so that it may even feel like backpacking through Europe at times. ‎Ce chapitre Road-Trip pratique est issu du guide Sur la Route de l'Ouest Américain. Your email address will not be published. No curfew means that you can stay out all night long gambling too. Although it’s the largest city in Delaware, there isn’t a whole lot to do in Wilmington aside from maybe visiting nearby Brandywine Country. When in Boston, be sure to check popular local attractions like Fenway Park, Boston Commons, Trinity Church, and Uptown.