(Buy Now, Pay Later), produced by Gaumont International, Saban International, Xilam Animation. However, their spaceship crashes into an asteroid, and they fall to planet Earth. Two children follow. Five extraterrestrials from the fictitious planet Zigma B, Candy H. Caramella, Etno Polino, Stereo Monovici, Bud Budiovitch and Gorgious Klatoo go on a picnic together in space. A psychic named Madame Zelza moves into the aliens' house. From Les Zinzins de l'espace. The three cockroaches of, Gorgious wants to be the boss of something, given that Candy, Etno and Bud all are. Jack. Meanwhile, a stork's baby hatches from an egg that his mother laid down the house's chimney and thinks, because Etno is the first individual he saw on hatching, that he is his father. The aliens then proceed to overwork the enslaved robot and he eventually escapes from their house in a rocket ship that Etno built to try and get them back to the planet Zigma B, taking Candy's vacuum cleaner with him. 104 (list of episodes) The other aliens then attempt to work for Gorgious, and much to their dismay, he pays them in peanuts. Osobnosti.cz. The plant then becomes a monstrous glutton and wrecks the aliens' house, but eventually leaves Candy after being attracted by a female plant on the back of a passing truck. To the aliens' surprise the island is in the city zoo, but the gorillas have moved into their house, so they have to get them back out of there. The "welcoming party" forces the aliens to retreat back into their current spaceship, which Etno reveals only has two destinations programmed into it (Zigma B and Earth) when it takes off again, so they have no choice but to return to Earth in it. Watch the model. Candy's favorite singer Snoutra (whose name is a pun on, Gorgious is seen to be eating excessive junk foods. The salesman then causes a series of events to make the aliens buy more obsolete products, including an anteater and a garden elf, until Etno finally confronts him. 2 As Candy attends to his melons, the children in the neighboring house mistake him for a doll. The aliens are about to launch their spaceship to evacuate from a coming asteroid, but a neighboring boy prevents their only chance of evacuating. In their house Candy takes plenty of abuse from both the children and their cat until he escapes, along with a pink duck who had also been captured by the children. Not knowing a way to fix the spaceship, Etno encourages the other aliens to take shelter in the attic of an abandoned house that is up for rent while he tries to fix the spaceship, lampshading the plot. Episodes. From Les Zinzins de l'espace. A small green alien which can duplicate itself lands in the aliens' yard. Download Coloring Page. Les Zinzins de l'Espace Episode Guides, Cartoon Characters and Crew Lists. The characters also made a cameo in the Oggy and the Cockroaches episode "Night Watchmen" (the eponymous main characters for that series also made their first appearance in this one's third episode, "Venus Junior", when the aliens were watching their television), and in the Les Dalton episode "Le Secret Passage", when Candy was one of Joe's transformations in Fort Dalton. He spends the entire night trying all sorts of ways to get back into the house, but none of them succeed, so he starts becoming desolate. Shortly after, the robbers are arrested, while Etno manages to turn their "green rectangles" into toilet paper. Gorgious then tries to ruin the artworks before he confronts Vladimir. from Samurai Jack. Because of Gorgious' tormenting around small creatures, his karma has him shrunk down with Etno's new shrinking machine. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. When Gorgious tries to flood the bathroom, wasting water when he falls asleep in the bathtub, Candy opens the bathroom's door and soaks the aliens' entire house. Because of Bud's blunder that has caused the city to freeze, he and the other aliens are stuck in the form of penguins. After Candy decides not to cook, he and the others get the idea of turning themselves into dogs with the SMTV for dog food (as the latest human to move into their house is a dog owner). This excites Candy, who believes his lie and allows him to stay as a result, but unfortunately for him and the others, he soon ends up taking over the house. The genies go far enough to blow up several planets in the galaxy (they even threaten to blow up Zigma B as well). When the aliens' latest spaceship is struck by a lightning bolt, it crash-lands on an island that is inhabited by fierce gorillas. When the man breaks up with the woman, he leaves her alone. Je vous propose de réalisé à laide de mes 15 pages de tutoriel très détaillé Bud, qui mesure 35cm de hauteur. Candy goes out to work in his vegetable garden, fed up with coarse comments from his housemates while they watch a football match on TV. At Arms Patch Prospect. From Disenchantment. An Indian princess named Zibouya moves into the aliens' house. In the UK, the first season premiered on Channel 4 in 1998 under the show's original title of Home to Rent and the second season premiered under the series' final name on Nicktoons UK on November 5, 2005 at 9:30am. The aliens are finally on their way back to Zigma B. Etno tries to attract more aliens to return to their planet. Thinking that he is on another planet, he makes the aliens bow down to and worship him. They soon find out the hard way that the moon is not real. Tired of tenants trying to move in, the aliens try to make the house uninhabitable, but its farm look ends up attracting a farmer with his animals, and a pig named Sooee who behaves badly to the others. Etno then decides to perfect his incredible extra-strength invisibility cream that can make the aliens and their house invisible (including Candy as a carrot, Etno as a piece of cheese, Bud as a pickle and Gorgious as a piece of sausage). Candy and Gorgious' attempts at getting themselves closer to Wong by transforming themselves with the SMTV, which fail, only make things worse. Bud tries to get rid of him by using the SMTV to transform into a criminal himself and join him in the tunnel-digging, but he soon forgets about the plan. And they just got goofier by the minute. English • Czech • Dutch • Estonian • French • German • Greek • Hebrew • Italian (Italia 1) • Italian (K2) • Portuguese (Brazil) • Portuguese (Portugal) • Russian • Spanish (Latin America, S1) • Spanish (Latin America, S2) • Spanish (Spain) • Ukrainian The aliens are looking for a flight tester but cannot seem to find a suitable one. After the aliens turn themselves into prisoners with the SMTV and get jailed, they team up with another prisoner to escape. Characters Fox Bongo, a strange man and entertainment tycoon builds a new theme park called "Bongo Land" outside the aliens' house with a roller coaster, known as the "Death-Defying House of Space Weirdos", running through the house (Candy, Etno and Gorgious are also forced to wear fake green antennae, while Stereo brushes their teeth and Bud reads a paper in the bath) – as well as a rocket ship ride. When the aliens get banished to Hell, they make the Devil take them back up to Earth after they manage to change the ways of his two Imp henchmen. Noodle. The aliens have two goals: return to their home planet, and chase away anybody who tries to establish themselves in the house. After seeing a documentary about volcanoes, the aliens decide to go to the center of the Earth in order to find a source of energy in the form of magma from a volcano that is capable of powering Etno's new rocket. More International Entertainment Project Wikia, International Entertainment Project Wikia. Candy, who has transformed himself into a blond woman with the SMTV, is trying to get a driver's license but continually fails miserably. Role. This episode's name is also a parody of. The two Pygmy Venusians then cause trouble for all four of the aliens until Gorgious disarms them. The aliens' next visiting tenant is none other than the famous superhero Flashman (whose name is a cross between that of. The series was a hit in its home country of France, in particular due to its absurd, slapstick, and tongue-in-cheek slightly politically incorrect humor. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. A family of alien lovers named Marie, Fred, Gustavo and Stephanie Friendly move into the aliens' house and try to make contact with outer space. However, his assistant, Roger, is aware of the fact that his tricks are fake, so the aliens transform themselves into replacement human assistants with the SMTV to join his act. French Etno accidentally summons a miniature planet which is inhabited by a couple of tiny aliens (named "Pygmy Venusians", a possible throwback to the third episode, "Venus Junior"). He becomes the sheriff of the town and even falls in love with a singing earwig named Ramona. A robot who drives a space cab arrives on Earth, and even though he can take the aliens back to their home planet, his cab only has three available seats, so one of them will have to stay behind on Earth (Candy, Etno and Bud decide that Gorgious should be the one who stays). The gnome, seeing this as an advantage, pools the aliens' resources while they remain ignorant of the fact that he is a fake. Description ; Members ; Join us now! Welcome to the official Space Goofs Dailymotion channel! Etno creates a robot to serve him. Etno installs a robot named Halena in the house to set Candy, Bud and Gorgious straight. In an attempt to get rid of Nanook, the aliens go back in time to the 17th century (which was the time of his ancestors). Unfortunately for Gorgious, he is trained to be a guardian dog and does not get any food. President Vice President Secretary Sgt. After Gorgious takes his sugar craving too far, the other aliens take drastic action to snap him out of it by warning him that going to bed with a full stomach will give him some horrible nightmares (and they are proven right when he has one inspired by. However, he is only missing one (which is the eponymous "Number One"), and when a new tenant named Thomas Mancini (who is based on. A gang of bats takes over the house. After Etno has finished building his new saucer, one of them rings their house's doorbell to invite him and the others (after they transform themselves into a model family with the SMTV) to come to a barbecue organized in their backyard as a housewarming party. Finding this specimen not very useful, Etno evolves him into a Middle Ages knight, followed by a 21st-century (which was the present day at the time the episode was filmed) man, and finally a Cyber Age (which is the future) person, resulting in the aliens' ticket to launching off Earth being lost when he takes it for himself. An adventure game based on Space Goofs named Stupid Invaders was released in 2000–2001 by Ubi Soft. The opening sequence from the first season. Nanook sets up his tepee in the lounge, while his buffalo eats the plants. The ghost of the Flying Dutchman is wrecking everything in the aliens' house (including Candy's brown pantyhose, Etno's ascots and Gorgious' mahogany backscratcher). Subscribe and get new videos of Space Goofs every week! Etno specifically researches, reacts and demonstrates the irrationality of Zelza's practices, and transforms himself into a rival psychic named "Madame Zetno" with the SMTV to try and drive her out of business. The vampire Count Gracula (whose surname is a pun on that of. Les zinzins de l'espace. But after he uses the SMTV to transform himself into a Scout and join them, the other Scouts try and force him to undergo a series of tests to prove his worth. The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper, The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police, Mowgli: The New Adventures of the Jungle Book, Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Space_Goofs&oldid=993725124, Animated television series about extraterrestrial life, French children's animated comedy television series, Television shows adapted into video games, Articles to be expanded from September 2017, Articles needing translation from Portuguese Wikipedia, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. After Gorgious accidentally breaks her crystal ball, she places a curse called "The Dreaded Curse of the 2,000 Dirty Gym Socks" on the aliens, which causes Candy's vacuum to break down, Bud's favorite television show to be cancelled and Gorgious to become sick from eating chocolate-stuffed oysters until they pay her €5000. Add a photo to this gallery The others are amazed by his genius, but Etno quickly becomes jealous of him. (NOTE: Oggy and the cockroaches appear at the beginning of the segment. TV channels With Patrick Préjean, Charlie Adler, Maurice LaMarche, Danny Mann. At the end of the episode, Bolok ends up in a hospital, screaming, as a dog is put into his injured body by a mailman for a payment and being called a useless loser, and he is now also a bandaged gnome with his arms falling down. from Steven Universe. International Entertainment Project Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. ! A training officer named Colonel Kenny moves into the aliens' house, and Gorgious decides to help him in his objective after transforming himself with the SMTV, but their mission may involve eliminating Candy. Les Zinzins de l'espace, Tome 2 : | Blaster, Olivier Jean-.... Marie | ISBN: 9782874421372 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Directed by Olivier Jean Marie, Jim Gomez. Tired of lowly tenants moving in, the aliens transport themselves and the house back in time to the seventeenth century. French phonetics missing The aliens find that their house has been made the doorway to Hell, where people sign their souls to the Devil. When the aliens' attempts at removing him from their house fail, they try stealing his teddy bear, Bobo, for ransom. There are 104 cartoons in this animated television series. While Bud is watching television, a cartoon raccoon leaves the television and places Bud inside it. Seasons Gorgious wakes up with a red bump-like virus known as the "Microbe Microbius" on the front of his head, and the other aliens are in shock until Etno puts him in the washing machine and quarantines him. Candy, Etno, Stereo and Bud find out that Gorgious has been in his room for a long time creating artwork. The Les Zinzins de l'Espace (Space Goofs) Episode Guide, which aired from 1997 – 2004. Part 1: The aliens go on vacation together in space (or, as Gorgious calls it, a picnic), but their spaceship breaks down after Candy crashes it into an asteroid and they are left stranded on Earth. He aids an injured fly and brings it up like his own child until it becomes too much trouble for the others. It also debuted in the same year in Germany on ProSieben, and aired in Quebec on Télétoon. Interprète du générique: Iggy Pop; Générique. In this Christmas-related episode, Bud thinks that a coming Santa Claus is the red blob from the previous night's horror movie. To complete his vitamin encyclopedia, Etno gets Candy to taste a syrup which was left behind by the house's most recent tenant, a certain. A school mistress and her pupils have settled into the house. Starring Bud is so fixed to the television that the other aliens decide he has to stop watching it, but he is hopeless when he is trying to do something else. When Etno sees her, he falls in love with her, but Candy, Bud and Gorgious want to get rid of her, because she (much like every other human who had moved into their house before her) could reveal their existence. They set the time machine to three different eras (the Stone Age, the Medieval Age, and the future), but there is no escape from the tax collectors. A couple moves into the aliens' house. A beekeeper moves into the aliens' house. It also debuted in the same year in Germany on ProSieben, and aired in Quebec on Télétoon. A. Candy's mother lands on Earth, and the others try to bribe her in order to use her spaceship. In addition, a crooked handyman Jared Quackenbrush and some beavers make their stay a torment. At the end of the episode, Candy trips on a puddle of mucus that the baby had dripped onto the floor of their house which causes the baby to fly back to his mother. Bud watches a Western movie on television and shrinks himself down to the size of a bug to visit a Western bug town that he built around his electric model railway. An ancient elephant goes to what was once the ancient burial grounds for elephants: the aliens' house. When Bud is watching his favorite science-fiction television series, a bolt of lightning blows a fuse and causes a short-circuit, and the two main characters in the series (Steve and Barbara) find themselves materialized inside the aliens' house.

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